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Commercial. Corporate.

Constantinof si Asociatii offers legal counsel and assistance in any commercial legal matter.

Our lawyers are experienced both in identifying the best contractual option and negotiating and drafting the terms and conditions of various commercial agreements, carefully monitoring both the general and the special norms regulating the abusive clauses, consumer's protection and warranties for the operation guarantee and manufacturer's liability for the damage caused by faulty products, as well as in implementing and management of the commercial transaction' effects.

As a particular feature of this field, our firm offers counselling in leasing agreements and the effects thereof, namely it is capable of providing legal assistance and representation before courts, in matters generated by the enforcement of this type of agreements.

The lawyers at Constantinof si Asociatii have a vast experience in legal counselling and representing the clients on incorporation, operation, dissolution/winding up, merger or separation of companies with foreign or Romanian individuals or legal entities shareholders.

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