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Constantinof si Asociatii - partner together with Kensington Communication, Sebastian Bodu - Vice President of the Juridical Committee of The European Parliament and The Money Channel in organizing the conference "Impact of the European Politics on Romanian business environment"

It is a fact the Romanian business environment it is influenced by an internal legislation based in 80% on the European regulations, which overrules the internal laws or, if the case may be, covers the lacking or the unclear fields of such.

By means of established rules or actions the European decisions influence in many cases the operational costs of the companies acting on the Romanian market.

During this event our lawyers will have the pleasure to set out the experience of other European companies, that confronted difficulties generated by the incorrect approach and understanding of the European regulations, thus helping you to avoid such situations, that are specific to present Romanian economy.


  1. The analyze of the legislative rapport regarding the implementation of the European Inheritance Certificate;
  2. The analyze of the legislative rapport regarding the ammendment of the European Directive 37/2001 regarding tabacco products regulations;
  3. The analyze of the proposed modification to Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value added tax as regards the rules on invoicing;
  4. The analyze of the rapport regarding solving the cross-border banking sector crisis';
  5. The analyze of the rapport (green card) regarding the improvement of trading companies' auditing system;
  6. The analyze of the rapport (green card) regarding corporate governance;
  7. The analyze of the legislative rapport regarding proposed changes to European Directive regarding the securing of the depositors in the banking system;
  8. The analyze of the European Parliament's (EP) rapport reagarding the introduction of a tax on financial transactions (TTF);
  9. The analyze of the EP Resolution dated 20.01.2011, regarding the Rapport for politics in the competition field in 2009, concerning creating a system to facilitate the access of citizens to generic medication.

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