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Constantinof si Asociatii welcomes Dan Stoicescu as Senior Lawyer specialized in the field of capital markets

Mr. Dan Stoicescu, attorney at law, has over 15 years of experience in the field of capital markets. Throughout his career, he was active both in the private sector, as a broker and in the institutional area, where he managed the Monitoring and Investigation Directorate within the National Securities' Commission and subsequently, as a specialist, he assisted and advised the prosecutors within the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (D.I.I.C.O.T), in the matters related to economic and financial crimes, operations with securities or connected to the capital market. Mr. Stoicescu is also a lecturer with the National Institute of Magistracy, on Business Criminal Law.

Dan Stoicescu may provide counselling and assistance in all areas of capital markets, such as the relationship with the market institutions, the criminal prosecution bodies and other specialised controlling authorities, but also on funding, public offerings, listing and delisting operations, corporate governance, special transactions, financial investigations, investment/pension funds, including matters related to economic and financial crimes, operations with securities or in connection to the capital market, etc..

Constantinof si Asociatii is one of the fewest law firms on the market able to provide legal advise and assistance on a permannet basis, both during the adminsitrative and judicial procedures in the field of capital market, beeing a trustful partner for all the participants to this specific operations.

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